If your field service software doesn’t have local support it could cost you tens of thousands!

Local support is something that is quite often overlooked in this fast-paced technological world we live in. Skype, Team Viewer, chat and email are all available and seem like very suitable support methods. And they are… sometimes.

Your job management software is going to be running your whole business. If it’s anything like simPRO this software is going to keep track of your leads, quotes, jobs and schedules. You’ll be creating your invoices, materials purchase orders and contractor work orders with your software as well. Your office admin team, estimators, schedulers, project managers, field staff and possibly even your accountant will all be using your software.

With this in mind, getting any key software implemented and integrated into your business requires careful planning and good change management. A good estimating and job management software can be customised to your business requirements and a good implementation consultant should be able to get a feel for how your business operates, understand your requirements and goals and set up the software accordingly.

Doing a high level fully customised implementation remotely is extremely difficult if not impossible. And if your system is not set up for your business and customised properly for your workflow everything you do from this point forward will be more difficult, more costly and could mean that the software just won’t work for you.

Once a system is set up and ready for use the staff will need to be trained. This is where the biggest cost or savings can be made during the implementation. Staff with poor training or no training find themselves trying to figure things out for themselves. Often they can get by but they will inevitably spend a lot longer using trial and error and potentially become frustrated with the system before they even get started.

All this adds up to higher costs, inefficient data entry and at the end of it all, you may not be getting the reporting or history that you were hoping for. Onsite training is not only faster and more efficient but studies show that staff will have a higher retention rate and a faster pickup of new information when compared to e-learning.

Of course, e-learning definitely has its place where a small snippet of information or a specific area of training is required. This type of learning can easily be done remotely and is definitely more cost and time effective than onsite training. But if you are looking to ensure you have a successful implementation of your software in the most efficient way, you should ideally be able to get a consultant onsite to get you up and running. If not, expect higher costs, longer uptake time and risk a failed implementation.

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