simPRO Implementations

With 12 years experience in business systems training Platinum Consultants won’t just tell you what buttons to click and send you away.

We work with you to establish the most efficient processes for your specific needs and workflow. We can then help you set up procedures for your company to ensure a consistent outcome every time. Platinum Consultants have implemented and trained over 150 businesses Australia wide in using Job management software.

Whether it’s a new implementation into a paper based business or an implementation into a high-tech fully digital business, we can ensure your implementation is successful.

Our implementations include workflow charts, overhead calculations and implementation KPI’s in relation to simPRO. We’ll provide you with a fully customised To-Do list that will ensure you know exactly what needs to be done for your business to get the fastest and smoothest transition into your new software package.

We’ll also provide you with our our own propriety one page guides, How To guides and tip sheets. We will follow-up to ensure you’re moving steadily towards your goals and provide advice where we can.

If you find you have no time to enter the data or import your price lists, you can also hire one of our simPRO Temp staff for your data entry or to take over your office admin role while you get your simPRO tasks sorted. Our office temp is experienced in using simPRO, MYOB and Quickbooks as well.

For more information on our services please Contact Us or for more information on simPRO software please visit the simPRO Website.